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Sep 07, 2019, 4:00 PM
Everly at railroad
Let's go to Tuckahoe!

our story

let's travel back in time..

Back to the days of low-rise jeans, emo haircuts, pac sun graphic tees, & absurdly awkward popped collars and ripped jeans from Abercrombie and fitch. 

The scent of Axe and Victoria's Secret "body spray" wafted through the air  Death Cab for Cutie's Plans album spoke volumes to the teenage emotions and MYSPACE was new. Monday mornings were always a buzz with conversations like, "what shows did you go to this weekend?" or who had a house party and got the Middletown cops called on their parents. Classic. 

everything was sooo random..

Eyebrows were waxed pencil thin and " going for sushi" was new because, they always went for sushi and talked about "drama" on Laguna Beach.  "Let's get these teenage heart's beating faster, faster" was sung at the top of everyone's lungs all the time and some gangly girl (probably with a popped collar) who believed herself to be a famous actress one day found out that these cute surfer boys were insanely going surfing in the ocean in October! They are soooo crazy. 

Fast forward to a Halloween party. The girl with the ripped jeans and popped collars and the cute the surf/ skate boy in all of his slightly emo/ straightedge glory apparently crossed paths. But neither remember. 

Thank god. 

They graduated high school, went to college. Chris off to SVA to be a filmmaker and photographer and Sara to Rutgers for a Psych and Art degree.  And so they were on their way to becoming semi-functioning adults. 

fast forward..

 to Dune's day at Donovan's July, 2011. That cute surfer boy invites the girl, sans popped collar to his "yacht" for an after party. 

From there, the rest is history. 

They dated for 2 weeks and broke the news to family and friends that they were moving to California. 

What an adventure. An adventure indeed...




The Captain made Chris promise to never take Sara to New Orleans for fear of the Voo-Doo. Turns out, it was the second stop on the road trip of our lives and one of our favorite cities. We landed in LA and settled at 'Vista Palace' for a whole host of new experiences. 

We pranced around Hollywood like (sorry to say) a darn Chainsmoker's song and lived for the moment. Ugh. Sooo cheesy. But really, it's true. We hiked Big Sur, back country camped in  Joshua Tree, got daily our exercise at Runyon Canyon, encountered coyote's and rattle snakes,  the Santa Ana winds and earthquakes.  We hosted wild dance parties, played games, and spent lazy weekends on 

Trisha and Joe's beach front deck in Laguna Beach. 

We also adopted a strange little black puppy with a ridiculous underbite. 


We said "I love you" at Vince's 25th birthday bash at THE CLUB and had the time of our lives. 

Those 4 years were unforgettable and laid the ground work for who we are today. 

2 camper vans later, 1 Photo business, and another ridiculous puppy (Foxie) 

We have countless adventures under our belts from surfing in Rincon, east to west coast  to multiple road trips to Maine all the way down to New Orleans. 


But New Jersey is home. 

And life is good by the ocean. From Asbury Park, to Avon by the Sea, we wouldn't have it any other way. 

may 24th 2017

With the approval of the Captain and at the behest of Mary 

(who was moving to Atlanta very soon)




Chris proposed on May 24th 2017. On an ordinary Wednesday evening just down the beach,

North of Convention Hall. 

And so we continue. Continue our lives together.  We have the never ending support of our family and friends. 

We cannot wait for what's next. Life has proven to be pretty grand so far. 


see ya at EVERLY!

We cannot wait to boogie down with you!! 

Please do not hesitate to message us with any questions! 



Hey, thanks for helping us start our lives together. Our love for you is immesurable! 

Can't wait to throw a dinner party! Cheers!